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Rules of Bugs.social

1. All NSFW media must be marked as sensitive with a content warning describing what it contains.

2. Icons must not contain nudity.

3. The use of racial terms is not allowed and may result in a ban.

4. You must not share media that is patreon exclusive or paid for media.

5. If you share art not by you, the author must be listed in your post.
Asking for the author is allowed.

6. Everyone has their own tastes.
If you do not have a kink that someone posts and it annoys you, ignore or block.

7. Politics do NOT belong on Bugs.social

8. IRL Content depicting people crushing living animals or creatures is not allowed. Content using inanimate objects however are allowed

9. Anyone sharing illegal content will be permanently banned

10. Loli's and Shota's are allowed. However IRL content is of course not.

11. Respect users on other instances. Your bad actions can result in another instance blocking us. This removes the connection with lots of awesome people!

12. Respect everyone's opinions and believes. EG: One user may be christian and another is an atheist. You are both allowed to have your opinions and believes. Friendships can be kept even when you do not agree on things.>/p>