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Finally got around to fixing my driver issues. clean install and still geforce wont work for me. lovely. but at least its not crashing my pc.

So happy cube world is in beta.
fuck this is good.
There is a lot of weird choices, but hopefully wollay and pixie sort it out.

Not a lot of big name game news taking my interest, but plenty of small or indie games.

*dives into a pile of your freshly dried laundry* warm.... :blobmiou: *sheds tiny white pixels all over it*

Take notes. This is real and effective advertisement for things a lot of people would normally ignore.

It is said by many wise leaders of the world that you "Do not put your dick in crazy".

Apologies to the great men of the world... I will do nothing but stick my dick in crazy.

Trying to find sites/services I can exploit cause its my birthday. Its the best part about getting older.

Was just about to do something and instantly forgot..

You ever copy an image then post it somewhere you 9000% shouldn't, like a chat room?

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