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Remember when AAA publishers didin't fuck over their games? Remember when AAA devs also didin't fuck up their games?

Man.. those were the days..

I could use a nice chocolate thick shake about now...

Still looking into maybe making a staxel server. Problem is, it is not like minecraft where it can easily survive without players for a few days. Plants need watering and seasons go by when people are not online.

@Tyrent @Gargron I feel the same way. TBH, I really love this platform so far and I hope it thrives. I've interacted with so many awesome people thus far - something that never happened on Twitter. I was always afraid of being persecuted and not treated fairly by Twitter for me not being a leftist authoritarian. This is so much better. I eventually wanna get a domain and start my own instance.

Well. I broke my own rule for my instance by talking about politics. But I felt it was important to document.

@Robo75 I can't help but be so proud of @Gargron and the people who have helped support the mastodon project.

Of course, as well as the many amazing projects made to fight this blatant abuse of power to push their opinions and beliefs.

Twitter proving once again how they have control over free speech and shutting people down by banning and removing people in support of Vic Mignogna.

Lots of evidence supporting it is false allegations.

I understand the people removing him from projects, as even if he is found not guilty, it is now part of his history and has ruined his career and anyone he works with.

However, I wish these companies had waited until further investigations had occurred.


it's an activitypub platform grooveshark 'clone' but i'm not sure it's federation is working right yet
Acorde? not sure they even have made it to a working version yet though - but also activitypub

there's also a list of activitypub based shit at
so if those arent it - then likely it's listed there - i haven't looked thru it yet but accorde and funkwhale are the only two i can remember that are music based

the glitch-soc mastodon fork is more media centric but definitely not a music platform
and there's the peertube but i never looked into how well it handled 'just music' - or if it were just a youtube 'clone'

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