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I made a cute little tip jar for my stream. Marked sensitive for gratuitous (even if tiny) cleavage.

#mastoartist #mastoart #doodle

I ran out of ice cream and now I can't make milk shakes 😢

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I had pizza.

This has been a quality toot from Tyrent

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Planning on getting some Emotes commissioned from @pikotime

Current ideas are:

Maria emoji's

Happy, sad, crying, Excited, love, Sleepy, asleep, Surprised, owo
Lavender emoji's

Lewd, Gasm, Heart eyes with druel, smug
Suzy emoji's

Laughing, Scared, kiss, heart eyes, facepalm, happy, sad, love
Nora emoji's

Angry, Bored, disapointed, Lewd with druel, gasm

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please i want sugar and carbs

#MastoArt #shark #doughnut #drawing #exercise

I found an amazing artist!

If you don't like , don't look at the image.

It is so amazing! I LOVE THIS ARTIST!!!

Artist: Hangry Female

He also didn't make Kirby... he made zelda. fucking.. my bad

well.. Apearntly google actully fixed that. now its actully Shigeru in the photo. Doesn't change the fact.

Apparently people are freaking out that Wolverine might be in avengers end game.

What evidence are they looking at?


They googled hugh jackman and Avengers end game is listed as a movie he is in.

Ok.. cool.. but google also says the father of kirby is a black guy.

Work got cancelled for the week. Cool..

Going to toot this just so I can pin it to my profile.

I don't like posting my mental issues because It makes me feel like everyone will see it as "another guy wanting attention."

This is a problem we still have now days. Not just people not wanting to talk, but people assuming others just want attention.

There are people who want attention and there are people who want help.

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