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these cats live in a thrift store. orange is gordy (full name gordo) grey is lily. theyve lived there for several years and the store has a corkboard with pics of them cuddling. theyre married

I think the person who posted “Pleroma was developed by a fascist” probably has a few skeletons in their closet. You don't set out to harm people like that unless you're maladjusted to begin with.

Source unknown. Please let me know if you find it.
(I can't on phone)

Greetings! I'm Kim. I'm a video game level designer & artist who likes to pretend to be a shark on the internet. You can call me iiboharz if you like though. Here's all my deets:
Discord ➡️ iiboharz#2518
Steam ➡️ iiboharz
Telegram ➡️ iiboharz
Ko-fi ➡️
Patreon ➡️
Thanks, and have fun.

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I would've never thought "boost my toot" would ever be a real phrase but alas

last boop:

everyone go commission @TigerInSpace

they did this neat art for me in the past year and i've got a really really good commission in the works 💦

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