Watching inception for the first time and holy shit this awesome. only an hour in so far.

@nomimon2626 "For fuck sake david! I told you I had enough of shitty cake making bullshit classes"

Let's just burn the books from people of an ethnicity we don't like
I'm sure that's never been done and is a great solution

The @keybase desktop app's taskbar window is stuck between my two monitors :MariaSad:

@keybase Guess I should probably get to work on integrating it tomorrow.

@shriekingmarxist This sounds stupid. I would assume a joke but people do some stupid shit now days so I won't be surprised if it's legit.

the phrase "monetize the night sky" just killed a piece of my soul

@matrix well that was interesting. Curious he said "is that them?"

So he was expecting them i guess.

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