Got access to gog galaxy 2.0 beta the other day. Really like it so far.

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@Tyrent @matrix @sjw You're letting girls fart in my closet, Imma blame the hell out of you, dawg. I don't wanna open the closet door and find some farts in the air. I sure as hell don't wanna find out that this chick gambled and lost.
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@p @Tyrent @matrix
>You're letting girls fart in my closet
Lmao nigga, girls don't fart.

@p @matrix @sjw hey don't blame me! I have no idea what is going lol

@sjw @p @matrix that is such a very specific question lol

I guess? XD

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I thought someone was memeing in discord. Turns out, no.. they werent..

This 15 year old was saying he was a genius with 130 IQ, could play chess blindfolded and had many awards. What kind of awards? no idea.

took me a week to realise someone insulted me on the fedi for liking loli art.

It's so painfully obvious in their toot lol

"I feel bad for the kid posting it" and "lack of breastfeeding" are the best quotes from it lol

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Did you know that Microsoft's Board of Directors still uses #gnu #linux laptops? And all #microsoft code has been outsourced to the FSF?

Oh, sorry, no... I got in all in reverse, that's what #linuxfoundation is

My goal before the year ends is to fully organize my files into a working system that makes finding things easier.

So far, instead of making simple sub folders, I have managed to make multiple separate folders with more sub folders.

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Vore, Micro 

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@molotchino my cat is sitting on that exact same scratching post

Latest commission!

Artist: swgtsdrawing


Date Makiko (Bandai Namco)
Me (Me)

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