Fun fact: I can't tilt my head to far back for too long due an extra bone in my neck that can cause me to go unconscious.


Got the cubeworld server connected on the domain. no longer need to remember the IP

Think I might stream tomorrow. Been busy all day today and haven't been able to play any games. Plus my net kept dropping out...

@Sir_Boops I'm happy it only cracked. The kitty could have been hurt :(


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@fortune I'm clicking and no bobs are appearing!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEE

Today's spam:

Huge Real Boobs

They're huge. They're firm.
Ride the Titty Express.
Cover her peaks with your cum.

Click Here To Get It

Trying to grab plastic cause my cat is eating it and instead of biting me or something she just stands like a statue and blocks my arm.

She is built like a truck > : O

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