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Me: I have sinned my father.. I have not played smash in 2-3 days

Father jeremy: My child.. not even god can save you..

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Tiny smooch for birb friend @kakashicoke IT'S OK BUDDY YOU'RE GOOD.

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I only JUST realized "omg his dick"

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I love my worm, and would gladly let @NaturalHarmonia consume my entire lower intestine. Feast, my worm

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I also made some compilations based on certain artists. Those again I wont be shared due to patreon content.

So aside from cleaning my office, been making video compilations of giantess animations.

I'm not sharing them as some of it is patreon content.

But the one I'm rendering atm is 4 hours long. Dats a lot of time to not finish :waitwut:

I cleaned my office....

What is wrong with me

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