Happy mothers day!

Artists in order


Image 1 and 3 (digital drawing)
, crush (gentle), POV, bare feet, unaware, NSFW

Image 2 (digital drawing)
Cruel domination, gore, NSFW

Image 4
, , gore, unaware, NSFW

NSFW text and video 

Set my phone to have a slideshow of some images. Changes every day. Or it should. Having issues with it atm.

But here! This my current wallpaper.

This is NSFW and contains

I found an amazing artist!

If you don't like , don't look at the image.

It is so amazing! I LOVE THIS ARTIST!!!

Artist: Hangry Female

I don't like holidays. At all.
But If I were to go on one again, it MUST end like this.

Just found out there is a Sweets/food based pokemon game where the pokemon are baked, not born.

This is perfect for us fans 😏