Finally ordered my headset. current ones are held together by Christmas tape and its constantly coming loose

Bugs social is having some issues, you may see some.. interesting errors.

Take notes. This is real and effective advertisement for things a lot of people would normally ignore.

Had this idea randomly lol.

I made a meme out of one of my favorite comics.

Boss made me get back into . Starting with a new account cause the shitty mobile auth app reset itself on my old phone. I find it interesting though that she actually likes this game. I wouldn't have bet $1 on her even playing it past the tutorial...

Updated the size chart for some of my oc's. getting pretty big lol.

I swear. Kizuna is defiantly into size content. She talks about this kinda stuff all the time and this just came out of nowhere in the rap. Though it was part of the original version, its still 100% her character.

Got a few reports about a user, I noticed them spam and (originally messaged them) removed them. Only now actually looking at the reports. Thank you to the random user on for letting me know I'm cursed 😉

I'm bored so I am watching all of jontron's videos in random order while I play pokemon.
Randomly, youtube selected his 69th video which is "bootleg pokemon games"

In the original, this old guy was pedo, looking at the girls in the gym.

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