Watching the recordings of jinglejam (Yogscast christmas streams)

Not only does it have a lot of awkward moments in the older ones (Like a drunk *insert name here* grabbing one the girl's ass)

But in the 2018 stream, boy was there a lot.

Like this. They stream the office while everyone has a break from screen time and such and she just happened to be sitting like that.

This guy stopped people from seeing. Good? bad? your choice :MrHippoThink:

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I have no real reason to buy this. But I need it to make me look more professional

@zzz make sure to check out the fediverse to see some more lovely people! <3

oh! I never shared this new project I found! Been around a little while, but they just showed off their new trailer!


Ladies and gentlemen... MY BROTHER IS IN MY LOVE AGAIN!

when you say something relating to your obscure fetish and everyone is quiet

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