Getting back in groove so im ready for march 2020

I just need a girl who can hold me like she does :MariaSad:

The last thing you see before your head is crushed :Gasm:

An art trade from @pikotime

Love the new look for sheeva, but upset she is not playable in MK11.

Deska, my girl cat, loves watching movies. So she is watching john wick with me.

My life goal. Spend a LONG time as a human chair. Either sitting on my face, or im inside a leather chair with nothing of me showing. That way only my owner knows im in there.

NSFW images

Happy mothers day!

Artists in order


Image 1 and 3 (digital drawing)
, crush (gentle), POV, bare feet, unaware, NSFW

Image 2 (digital drawing)
Cruel domination, gore, NSFW

Image 4
, , gore, unaware, NSFW

what fucking god made such an amazing edit.. WHICH ONE IS THE ORIGINAL!?!?!?!?

Latest commission!
Artist: SWGTSdrawing
Girl is Jackline (A OC of mine)
Guy is me.

, unaware, crush (gore), sweat, ebony, NSFW

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