Got access to gog galaxy 2.0 beta the other day. Really like it so far.

Latest commission!

Artist: swgtsdrawing


Date Makiko (Bandai Namco)
Me (Me)

WOOO!! New commission finished!

got 2 more coming after this one.

Art by Bvphomxt
Character owned by me (Nora)

, , nudity, NSFW

Welcome to my family of OCs Rhode <3 <3 <3

Original Artist: Nozokingu

My first trans OC!

Finally ordered my headset. current ones are held together by Christmas tape and its constantly coming loose

Bugs social is having some issues, you may see some.. interesting errors.

Have a unicorn riding kitty yo brighten up your day

Take notes. This is real and effective advertisement for things a lot of people would normally ignore.

Had this idea randomly lol.

I made a meme out of one of my favorite comics.

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