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Since the great is upon us, I shall jump in and introduce myself like others have.

Hello! My name is Trent, aka LordTyrent.
I run the instance, a instance dedicated to the giantess and giant fetish community.

Straight, male, Australian and born 1995.
Might be a little too much info than needed 😅

I'm always on discord and I'm REALLY excited for smash Bros ultimate!

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Hit or miss. I guess they never miss.

Made a TikTok acount: LordTyrent

App is being a bitch and wont let me change my icon though.

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Posted this already, but relevant atm.

My "fur" sona.

Art by Mindless Kitten
Amazing artist <3

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I try to save all the {REDACTED} content for @QueenShareit because I don't want people blocking my Instance as, 1, I do safe for work toots as well.

2, when other users join I want people to choose if they wish to see their content.

3, I already have to remote follow a lot of fellow cool kids 😭

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Me: I have sinned my father.. I have not played smash in 2-3 days

Father jeremy: My child.. not even god can save you..

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Tiny smooch for birb friend @kakashicoke IT'S OK BUDDY YOU'RE GOOD.

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I only JUST realized "omg his dick"

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I love my worm, and would gladly let @NaturalHarmonia consume my entire lower intestine. Feast, my worm

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I also made some compilations based on certain artists. Those again I wont be shared due to patreon content.

So aside from cleaning my office, been making video compilations of giantess animations.

I'm not sharing them as some of it is patreon content.

But the one I'm rendering atm is 4 hours long. Dats a lot of time to not finish :waitwut:

I cleaned my office....

What is wrong with me

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Learning Davinci Resolve (video editor) Show more

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so you named me Oreo?
you are so f*cking creative
open the door i’m leaving

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