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Posted this already, but relevant atm.

My "fur" sona.

Art by Mindless Kitten
Amazing artist <3

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Like Feel free to donate and keep the instance running over on

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I try to save all the {REDACTED} content for @QueenShareit because I don't want people blocking my Instance as, 1, I do safe for work toots as well.

2, when other users join I want people to choose if they wish to see their content.

3, I already have to remote follow a lot of fellow cool kids 😭

Cat knocked over my cup of milk. It went everywhere. Even on me.

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people on twitter big mad at me for saying pikachus were gay but you know fucking what? Gay Pikachus

I couldn't be any more happier with maplestory 2's social and life skill features. Helping me relax and get out of this mood.

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I also just ate half of a chocolate mud cake :owonom:

Been rather down lately. Watched venom, loved it so much. now just chilling in maplestory 2.

Had a weird idea a long time ago where every item in the game is limited to 4 colors.

So one character can only have 4 colors. Backgrounds can only have 4 colors. UI can only have 4 colors.
Ect ect.

Example image (Player name has 5 colors. I would need to make actual UI for that to work.

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I wanted to order lunch but got distracted. its now almost dinner.

I just found it
on some VERY obscure site
one you would normally avoid
but its somehow not filled with viruses so thats nice

Needed to find something in my "collection" and discovered to be missing.

I have no idea why. It's quite a rare video (in HD at least) and its one of my all time favorites.

I refuse to play Left 4 dead 2 unless I run this mod

Describe your current emotion with one image and no words.

I'll start.

Artist: Kalliikak

The trending videos on youtube is really fustrating

goldenlane studio makes some amazing work with SFM.

Pushes the program far beyond what most people use it for and shows what it was really made for.

Animator is SpringG and the song is "Goodebye" by TryHardNinja and DAgames

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