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How do I say I can't do something, if that something I can't do is what im doing to say it?

Honest question..

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Going to toot this just so I can pin it to my profile.

I don't like posting my mental issues because It makes me feel like everyone will see it as "another guy wanting attention."

This is a problem we still have now days. Not just people not wanting to talk, but people assuming others just want attention.

There are people who want attention and there are people who want help.

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I try to save all the {REDACTED} content for @QueenShareit because I don't want people blocking my Instance as, 1, I do safe for work toots as well.

2, when other users join I want people to choose if they wish to see their content.

3, I already have to remote follow a lot of fellow cool kids 😭

Iieddmd, irhyagtetiwt. Moymmstml, mmmtmdl,, iptweiwltm. Mtwmms, abtwdmr....btwammhitmhe....p...

I have been eying this game since it came out fucking YEARS ago on 3DS ONLY IN JAPAN


Why the fuck did no one tell me Digimonstory cyberseluth came out on switch!?!?!

I have muffins. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Boosts are very appreciated, please and thank you! I’ve opened up quick comms once again this time for food/fuel to Kumoricon! I need an extra helping hand to ensure I have enough funds to get to the show! So I’m offering up icons for $12 (or 4 ko-fis):

After the ko-fis are given you should see the link to the form but in case it doesn't, here is the form:

#mastoart #art #creativetoots #commissions #commissionsopen #digitalart #kofi

I hate the heat this time of year in Australia. Get up at 7am and feel super tired by 9-10am

it was so weirdly detailed about hand-beating the meringue too, i remember it going through the different stages you see when doing that and my arm getting really tired and all that

so strange
holy shit i just realized i had a dream last night about cooking and at one point hand-beating a meringue

Banned a new masto instance. Full of racists. like holy shit. 1 guy in particular just hammering racist content over and over.

In other news, Ashkiiwolf's new found footage animation, should be public for no patreons on the 20th, is so fucking good.

No giantess animation has been this well made. both visually and audio wise.

So i'm going to, finally, clean my office this weekend.

Getting NBN near end of october. Not really by choice. Typically I'm being forced due to the shut off date. Hopefully it's actually fucking good.

looked outside and didin't see any trucks or anything
no jets in sky since there was no sound

( I live near a small army air base)

plus thats not the kinda of rumbling I get when they fly too low
it never lasts that long either

I have no idea what just happened. my house was shaking slightly for a good 30 seconds

Finally ordered my headset. current ones are held together by Christmas tape and its constantly coming loose

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