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Going to toot this just so I can pin it to my profile.

I don't like posting my mental issues because It makes me feel like everyone will see it as "another guy wanting attention."

This is a problem we still have now days. Not just people not wanting to talk, but people assuming others just want attention.

There are people who want attention and there are people who want help.

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Since the great is upon us, I shall jump in and introduce myself like others have.

Hello! My name is Trent, aka LordTyrent.
I run the instance, a instance dedicated to the giantess and giant fetish community.

Straight, male, Australian and born 1995.
Might be a little too much info than needed 😅

I'm always on discord and I'm REALLY excited for smash Bros ultimate!

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Hit or miss. I guess they never miss.

Made a TikTok acount: LordTyrent

App is being a bitch and wont let me change my icon though.

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Posted this already, but relevant atm.

My "fur" sona.

Art by Mindless Kitten
Amazing artist <3

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I try to save all the {REDACTED} content for @QueenShareit because I don't want people blocking my Instance as, 1, I do safe for work toots as well.

2, when other users join I want people to choose if they wish to see their content.

3, I already have to remote follow a lot of fellow cool kids 😭

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The Christian idea of eternal hellfire was actually created by cultures of yogurt bacteria recounting the experience of being thrown into spicy curry in India

One of our cats is no longer with us..
Gypsy, my grandma's cat, the one that convinced us to get my 2 cats has been having breathing problems.
I haven't seen mumma this sad for years. It is slowly getting to me.

This was the other thing I mentioned. This week has been.. yea..

Happy to be home today. Had something happen after work yesterday. Now another thing might be happening

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Still waiting for the moment I end up in an hilarious adventure with a chimpanzee, alien, robot, or human spirit trapped inside a dog that I've been training for since I was 6.

Got to ride the new train at Perth station. Looks good and has a lot more safety features.

I'm used to perth looking like an old town. This train looks straight out of Star trek compared to the crappy and dirty trains im used to.

Got work tomorrow. Finally. Semi excited. Finally out of the house. But will miss my 24/7 home...

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Caught on doorbell cam: A Texas family got a wonderful surprise when a stranger who showed up on their doorstep turned out to be a good Samaritan returning on a lost wallet.

Oh my god. it ended in a good note. thank god.

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Tried something a little different than usual. Broke everything into basic shapes and tried to do a style similar to that of My Life as a Teenage Robot.

I think it fits the Echen (slug bunny aliens I made back in 2016) quite well
#alien #art #mastoart #creativetoot

Ever see a game and just.. starve emotionally and not play anything else because you just want to play it right freaking now?

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samus' suit is chozo technology and zebes is home to chozo ruins, and she was raised by the chozo and by the way she cannot speak english and only knows bird language and sign language and also she's gay and my wife so leave her alone

I will be able to afford to commission several Emotes for the site and perhaps some sort of image for our beautiful @MariaTheSpooder next week.

I think these would be good ones to start with.

Happy, sad, excited, surprised, smug, laughing, love/heart eyes, Angry, lewd.

As for the image if I do get it done.

That is undecided..

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Rare 1943 Lincoln penny found in lunch money sells for more than $200,000.

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Eat me! Eat me!

Artist: NiwakaPotato

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