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How do I say I can't do something, if that something I can't do is what im doing to say it?

Honest question..

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Going to toot this just so I can pin it to my profile.

I don't like posting my mental issues because It makes me feel like everyone will see it as "another guy wanting attention."

This is a problem we still have now days. Not just people not wanting to talk, but people assuming others just want attention.

There are people who want attention and there are people who want help.

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I try to save all the {REDACTED} content for @QueenShareit because I don't want people blocking my Instance as, 1, I do safe for work toots as well.

2, when other users join I want people to choose if they wish to see their content.

3, I already have to remote follow a lot of fellow cool kids 😭

I have awoken from my slumber.
This time, at a normal hour!

Today was a great day for me with my 3DS and pokemon.

To make a very long story short, I need to buy a unlocked copy of sun/moon so I can get my pokemon back.

It's a very long story. But basically, I can't use CFW and I need my pokemon back for when sword and shield come out. Pokemon bank will obviously be put onto the switch.

The other drawing I made during the last stream
L'autre dessin fait pendant le dernier stream.


I found the chip! The chip I said I dropped a few hours ago FINALLY showed itself. YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME

I just remembered I had an amazing dream last night.

I can't remember a thing about it...

you ever drop some food and have idea where they are?

I swear Im gonna find it weeks from now and forget when I dropped it.

MySpace has lost all the music users uploaded between 2003 and 2015

Backups? Nah.. they're not very rock 'n roll...

Shota's get more action than I do. This hurts me in every way possible.

Well that went well. Picked out a new pair of glasses. Excited for when my new pair are ready

Got a optometrist appointment in 30 minutes. Went to bed at 1amand woke up 20 minutes ago. This has no flaws.

Man, I sure need to get rid of the habit of mindlessly opening CWs before my brain processes what's written in it, lol

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