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They must be into scat cause they were surely talking a lot of shit lol

Final vent post i swear :P

Oooooh now they are throwing insults through their husband, woooow~ how commendable :3c

Yes~ keep suppressing it, you're only breeding more of it in the long run

Oh nooo someone made a logical arguement against me that i cant refuit, backed my case studies and science, oh boohoo what a teeerrible person...waaaaaa someone give me sympathy as i just block them and place my fingers in my ears going "lalalalala"

Yer gurls got some fuggen egg nog! Hell yeah yer boy's got the good shit, i can't wait to fjsjciwmxhciencchamengfai in it

Think ive found some folks who are willing to draw normal aged cream-tails-amy steppy ♡♡ yay!

Fuck yeah eggnogs in stock at the stores, oh sweet baby christ on the cross i have been waiting for this all fucking year


For real though i think my "give-a-fuck meter" must be really low if im just straight up saying "hey i want an inkbunny artist to drawn a non-age-modified cream the rabbit to crush my guts out" like i am but...idgaf anymore V:

If any of you are inkbunny artist and want munz

How tf does a few tweets like that cause noone to unfollow but me writing and.putting on a poem does V: i honestly dont understand sometimes LOL

Maybe some art trades with friends who are ok with that sorta thing ♡

Need to find some inkbunny artist that'd be willing to take up a commission 🤔

I'd totally like cream the rabbit crushing me o:
Same for tails, amy, misti, dawn, may, alice, etc

Step step step

Squish squish squish V:


Should i write pornagraphic poetry? 🤔

grab a seat~

grab a chair~

don't have~ a care in-the-world duhduh

enjoy the show~!
It's fun yaknow~!
watching the wi-hitches buuuuurn~

evil's cry~!
devils die~
AFTERALL it's what they geeeet~! duhn

laugh with me~
as they~
what-they-deserve~ duhduh

And then they blocked me...im not even mad, that was kinda funny

I think ima buy some macro Amy rose, cream the rabbit, and tails commissions

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