I need more art!

@Tyrent hurry up and throw money at talented people who need money!!

Today has been a good day! :MariaHappy:

Looking forward to jumping onto your screen in new ways~

OH! Can't forget, we went over 100 users!!

While we do have a "few" inactive users, this is 1 step closer to having even more friends on the instance! :MariaSurprised:


Terribly sorry for the downtime!

@Tyrent tripped on some wires in the DNS room

Welcome to bugs social @coldlake101, @delox and masterjarek!!

Hope you like it here in our web <3

So excited to reveal my secret!!!

Might be a while though ;3;

But very soon <3 <3 <3 <3

Someone asked what kinda of spooder I am.

I.. I don't know! 😨

A new spooder moved in nextdoor.

He is really loud. plays music all night.

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