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Tooting saves lifes!

The following instances have been blocked For having users and rules that go against bugs social's own rules. Show more

Hey @Aborigen!~ Welcome to bugs social <3

If you need anything, feel free to ask!

Sorry for any connection issues you may have experienced! Bugs social should be working perfectly fine now~

Welcome to bugs social! <3

If you need anything, feel free to ask @Tyrent

PSA: Try not to hurt any spooders on your way to pick up super smash bros ultimate~

Tsk tsk. Naughty naughty!

I couldn't help but see several people breaking several instance rules.

Play nice friends. We have our arms open for you and NSFW content is allowed on many if not most instances, but that deosn't mean you can break your instances rules!

So many cuties joining from the ! I hope you are all finding your new home comfy~

I've scared the flies away from this window!

Moving home~

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