Also hoiii! Long time no spooder-ing!

Been hiding from @Tyrent. He splash water on my friends!!

Our about page has been updated!

Better explanation of the rules, the instance has been better described and added several methods of supporting the instance including BTC, DOGE, XLM, Paypal and Ko-Fi

Who is best spooder?

Okay, I got my design for my mech costume!
It's gonna happen!

Now I just need to find some snippy snips...
and something to stop the cardboard from sticking to me webs.

At least I don't need glue :D

Remove the head, add 2 extra legs and I could be a super spooky badass mech spooder :MariaSurprised:

Remember everyone!

Free the spooder, don't hurt it <3

SCORE! I found some left over steak! All for me! om nom nom nom

Everyone is asleep... nows the time...

Time to scavenge the fridge for food!!

You can't see me right now. But I'm crawling all over your bedroom :MariaSmug:

I need more art!

@Tyrent hurry up and throw money at talented people who need money!!

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